I look forward to reading your thoughts, Brandy! When I was a kid she would just push herself so hard she’d have a mini breakdown every couple weeks, crying and yelling at me that if I loved her I would help her more…I don’t want that for my kids. My solution was to do a blog series instead. I can’t wait to read your thoughts on the role of nutrition. Published Jul 13, 2015. (A Low-Energy Mom's Guide Post) | Afterthoughts, The Importance of Independent Children (A Low-Energy Moms Post) | Afterthoughts, 4 Principles of Exercise for the Low-Energy Homeschool Mom | Afterthoughts, Energy Management by Personality Type (A Low-Energy Mom's Guide Post) | Afterthoughts, How to Avoid Death by Curriculum and Co-ops | Afterthoughts, Life Without a Cape: There Are No Supermoms Here | Afterthoughts, Always Serving Leftovers: Why I'm Not Traveling to Speak Next Year | Afterthoughts, The Poetry of Limitations: Beating Decision Fatigue Through Submission | Afterthoughts, The Summer 2016 Mother Culture Reading List | Afterthoughts, Part 1 in A Series on Classical Education: The Preschool Years | Taking Joy, Outlaws of Time: The Legend of Sam Miracle, Outlaws of Time: The Song of Glory and Ghost, A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court, The Liberal Arts Tradition (revised edition), John Hopkins's Notions on Political Economy. They're raising two little ones in a poorer neighborhood, making connections with others for the Gospel. Yes yes Tara. Food, which gives us energy, is broken down by the digestive system. Great advice Tara! Pug. The idea that my lethargy and fatigue is due to a medical issue or simply aging and poor diet sounds like an excuse. Might help? If you can, take a small vacation with your friends or family. And to be honest, I’m doing pretty well right now and have been for the past year. 8th, 6th, 3rd, and my youngest just turned 3! . Imagine your nine-year old is kicking the furniture—hard. With 100 ways to help soothe the body and calm the mind, this compassionate book is an excellent resource in understanding the connection between lack of energy, physical exercises, and the grieving process. I wish I had a like button for your comment, Tara. It’s when everything feels like it’s out of our control that we feel like failures and that we are not accomplishing anything. We all have lows in energy during the day, and it's important to know when that low arrives and what you habitually do about it. I’ve also been roasting or steaming some vegetables on the weekend. I have good days and I’ll clean all day. Experiencing a lack of energy during the third trimester should be anticipated. , Catie, your issues really could be destabilized blood sugar! So putting the energy you do have into insisting on this will help all round. I just had my third miscarriage (one living child), was diagnosed with the MTHFR mutation, changed up my vitamins, but my OB/GYN doesn’t know much about it and I am looking for more info. . Good. Take a nap, Hollie! Great topic. Hi Angelique (beautiful name?) Sometimes the hardest part is finding the mental energy to work out what needs to be done, but don’t feel like it has to be worked out all at once…jot it down as it comes to you then gradually implement. And sometimes it’s hard to identify the best place to pull ourselves out of it. Low energy levels do not always have a single cause. I tell myself I will clean when the kids go to bed, but I’m happy if I get the dishes done. Have you looked into the “Paleo Approach” by Sarah Ballantyne (also known as AIP – autoimmune protocol)? Using our schedules as tools to help us rather than a whip can go a long way to helping us feel more successful. . I can not wait to read this series! I am eager to hear what you have to say and to enter into this community – for clearly, though we feel alone within the walls of our individual homes: we are many in number. Moms need energy to raise those growing kids!! Two Catie’s with a “C”! If it’s any consolation, you still look like Superwoman to me, Shan. I don’t have a health “issue”, however. My dd is low energy and would rather do quiet, fine motor activities than gross motor activities. Success! Cry out to the Source of your power! An iron deficiency can cause fatigue and sluggishness. His response was to tell me that I didn’t really have the time and energy for such a thing, and he was (mostly) right about that. Focus on making healthy choices to help fuel your milk production. Every new mom is tired, and the only way anything gets done in most houses with a new baby is because there are other people around to help. ***, Sarah is a tea-drinking, book-reading, gardening-wannabe from the South Island, New Zealand. Hilarious now, not so funny then, however I discovered I have the MTHFR gene mutation which means I don’t absorb B vitamins well and it has been helpful to my energy level to supplement with some fancy ones and helped the anxiety immensely. Whatever you come up with, I’m sure it’ll still apply next year when I’m sleep deprived with a baby! Now, before I go on, I don’t want you to think I’m […]. Breastfeeding mothers generally need more calories to meet their nutritional needs while breastfeeding. I don’t think I will ever homeschool to my own expectations! It doesn’t sound fun! While some contributing factors, such as genetics and aging, are out of your grasp, you can take positive steps toward changing lifestyle factors, such as your sleep, exercise and dietary habits. As a new week begins, I have to be so careful to keep at least two- to- three days with no other intensive social contact. I also find things like Luna bars, Cliff bars, or homemade granola bars (when I have a chance to make these, I make them in bulk and freeze the extras), etc., are a great snack to tide me over until I can get a real meal. I am a homeschool mom of eight and the past four years my energy has really decreased. It’s a fact: Even a mom who has tons of energy can appear tortoise-like when compared to her child. Maybe not. She’s three and is obviously going through another separation anxiety period right now. I’m glad you’re here, Erika! It can be a downward spiral, can’t it? From his perspective, he pushes through when he doesn’t feel motivated – why can’t she? I do get run down quite easily. I group teach my children as much as possible for history, science and art. My hubby thinks I am lazy. I feel same way as many of you do. Your Kids’ Fave YouTuber Broadcasts a Dead Body: Top News For Moms – January 2, 2018, The Proverbs 32 Man: It’s Time Define The Ideal Man, Mom’s ‘SANTA Switch’ Initiative is Everything Your Family Needs This Christmas Season, “I Asked People Not to Touch Him”—Mom Shares Viral Facebook Rant From Baby’s Hospital Room. I find it harder make something for myself if I have to actually, um, *make* it at lunch time. Then I drink a pop in the afternoon to give me a boost, which just makes me crash a few hours later. The rest are absorbed through the small intestine. This is very timely for me! Hypothyroidism, or low levels of thyroid hormone, can wreak havoc on your energy levels.This condition may be due to an autoimmune disease in … It’ll be an adventure. What is the difference between a good expectation, striving, but also not worshipping our own efforts? Overly dramatic, making mountains … I still have days where I’m exhausted enough to cut school off, but I agree…you are in an even harder place when they are more dependent. The comfort of feeling less alone is always beneficial. I’ve ordered her book and her store offers some really good supplements, without the extra junk found in all the run of the mill brands. You can tell me what you think we ought to be talking about concerning this subject. Especially if my husband is busy with work and church commitments and I am holding the fort down a lot by myself. Stacey is the creator of The Soccer Mom Blog, a Houston Texas mom blog that focuses on positive living for women and families. In fact, all she wants is Mummy right now. Trying to decide what’s important for us out of the house is tough because that takes so much of my energy to get us out and wrangle the toddler and the very rambunctious preschooler. I’m struggling with a recent diagnosis of Rheumatoid Arthritis. And then it is easy to feel ashamed when you crash and have to hide out from people for awhile. The body's preferred energy source is glucose, from carbohydrates , but it can also use fatty acids (from fats) and amino acids (from proteins). My B schedule is lighter for when extra things come up….a visit from grandma, an extra field trip or more time in the ministry etc. There are also special customer service rules available for low-income households. I want to discuss the difference between being low-energy (which is a health problem) versus being introverted (which is not a problem), energy management, getting help, nutrition options, and all sorts of survival strategies. Hypothyroidism, or underactive thyroid, is when the thyroid gland does not produce enough hormones. It seems to occur because of a miscommunication between the heart and the brain. They need a LOT of my time and attention, and it’s HARD! However, that is how we make it work that I can be home to homeschool our kids, so I will take it! It could be my stage in life with a toddler, 5 and 7 year old, yet I see homeschool moms with more kids this age and older and they just do everything and I can hardly get through 2 days of school and I can’t keep my house clean even if I only do once a week… DRIVES ME NUTS. Conventional breakfast foods such as toast, potatoes and pancakes don’t work for healthful, low-carb diets. No. God often guides us through our limitations and not just our opportunities. Too true. My energy fluctuates a lot day to day. Ended up with panic attacks last spring after a collision with a wall roller skating at my 40th birthday party. Then you'll be happy to know your kid's high energy is perfectly normal. It’s easy to give in to feelings of wanting to be like happily-busy people and think that somehow you’ll adjust and be okay. Yes! I don’t get it. Its great for kiddos who lack the fine motor skills to peel it themselves. This is probably the leading cause of low energy levels. Oh my! Very timely for me! It is hard to say “No” to people when you love them and want to see them, but know that if you did, it would be sacrificing your health and well-being (which so directly impacts your main ministry, your family). Our day and age demands so much of people – men and women and children alike – and some thrive under that pressure. Is this always the case in every situation for everyone (or even for myself)? Sometimes, all the enthusiasm and the high energy level is perceived as annoyance by others. Everyone must put away their own laundry before they go to bed. I have a 7 year old and a 2 year old. I like Tara’s suggestions. He understands that I do the best i can. I’d love to hear others in this situation and how they cope and deal with it. I ended up changing my vitamins and gave up meat and dairy. When your emotional reserves are low, you may experience an inner energy crisis that can have the detrimental effect of undermining your confidence in your ability to take care of yourself and your perception of your efficacy in the world. I guess the thing here is putting the energy into establishing expectations and boundaries. Taking … High Energy Kids Meet Low Energy Moms. As I add new posts in the series, I’ll be adding new links to this page. […], […] far in The Low-Energy Mom’s Guide to Homeschooling, I’ve talked about my personal story, and then my thoughts on suffering, followed up with a […], […] ‘ve neglected this series for a while, so if you’re just joining us, you can find The Low-Energy Mom’s Guide to Homeschooling index here. Although this time was truly a struggle daily it did bear much fruit and made me realize my limits. Ahhh! Hang in there, Angelique. I’ve had my thyroid quit and all kinds of endocrine system fallout. Glad I found your blog!! With three kids under 6, two who rarely sleep through the night, I add in loss of sleep and need extra down time. Don’t care? Another child has laundry (1 load a day, gather dirty clothes, redistribute to the bedrooms) and their zone chore is the schoolroom. Creating more energy for yourself – and managing that energy well – can make a tremendous difference … Hope this helps those struggling mammas out there….just keep on keeping on? […], […] same is true in homeschooling. . But today, I’m ready for a new start. I am looking forward to this! There are so many comments! I think that for a guy who still feels like he did when he was 21, the wife’s lack of energy and list of symptoms can look like laziness and whining. My kids have workbooks for when I just can’t handle it, and they read rich literature (thank you Charlotte Mason and AmblesideOnline). They can try and if they can’t do it they have you as a captive helper! It’s challenging, to say the least. They don’t understand what exactly? But, since I’m nursing a new baby, I really have to make time to eat to protect my milk supply. During that time, I spent much time in prayer and reflection and although I am MUCH better than I had been, I now realize my limits and I am not by any means supermom nor pretend to be! Ha! Thanks, Brandy! As a homeschooling mom recently diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder, I’m very interested in this topic. This tip might not seem quick but it’s an important factor in keeping your energy … anyway please keep writing this series! Weekly encouragement, direct to your inbox, (almost) every Saturday. I can go in an manually unsubscribe you from the thread. I cannot be on the go all the time. And this means cooking once and reaping the benefit for a number of days, rather than having to do major cooking every day. Maybe being silly or goofy with your kids is uncomfortable for you. I can’t do much outside of HS without tire and fatigue. If you notice low energy levels, weight gain, or even a lower body temperature, talk to your doctor about iron testing. Aug 21, 2019 - Being low-energy and thriving at homeschooling means training your children to be independent. I also have anxiety, etc. It’s a fact: Even a mom who has tons of energy can appear tortoise-like when compared to her child. If you’re behind on your electricity or natural gas bill and face having your service disconnected, you may qualify for emergency financial help through the Low-income Energy Assistance Program (LEAP). I am easily tired and often have low energy. Honestly, I love his energy. #Repost @scholesisters with, Last night, my youngest asked me to make some pred, 400 years ago, my Great (x8) Grandfather, John How, Black Friday is coming up and wow do we have a Cha, "Unto him be glory in the church by Christ Jesus t, Clothing switch is SO MUCH EASIER with all big kid, Over my many years of involvement in the #charlott, Life Without a Cape: There Are No Supermoms Here, Far as the Curse is Found: Suffering and Holiness, The Poetry of Limitations: Beating Decision Fatigue Through Submission, How to Avoid Death by Curriculum and Co-ops, 4 Principles of Exercise for the Low-Energy Homeschool Mom, Plan Now and Prevent Energy Squandering Later, Getting Back on the Health Merry-Go-Round, Mother's Education Course: Summer 2016 | Afterthoughts, 5 New Year's Resolutions for Homeschooling Mamas | Afterthoughts, Ain't No Sunshine When She's Gone (A Low-Energy Mom's Guide Post) | Afterthoughts, Getting Back on the Health Merry-Go-Round (A Low-Energy Mom's Guide Post) | Afterthoughts, Clear the Air (A Low-Energy Mom’s Guide Post) | Afterthoughts, Don't Forget the Literacy! Being a stay at home mom is SO much more exhausting than when I worked in an office! Sign in. Tape Games. We will definitely be talking about MTHFR. Waking up feeling low in energy, after a seemingly good sleep, is the worst. My kids all have allergies so food prep is a huge time consuming task here. Breast-feeding your infant is a healthy choice that supplies her with each of the nutrients she needs for growth and development, but it uses up a lot of energy. There was an error submitting your subscription. Low blood pressure from faulty brain signals (neurally mediated hypotension). But like others said-if I have ANY outside commitments then I am exhausted. Low energy, headaches, and other physical health issues are also taken into account. In fact, working out for 20 minutes three days a week lowers feelings of fatigue by a whopping 65 percent, according to a University of Georgia study. ReplyBrandy VencelJuly 5, … But I guess, when we stop comparing, and start praising God…no matter what weakness we have that we can’t change about ourselves, and actually trust Him with it…Trusting that He made us and so intimately knows us, that He never uses perfect people, but only those who lean into Him and use His power in their weakness…Then, I guess, we can be like Paul when he said that he boasted in his weakness because of the power that rested on him in Christ. Find professional Low Energy videos and stock footage available for license in film, television, advertising and corporate uses. Like, I spell it out. Can I let Christ’s power rest on me? you. I will look into that so that it doesn’t cause a problem in the future! Nicole, I think you are at the hardest point because when you have all littles, you don’t have any help. This also has a positive flow on effect for the children because when they sense mum is panicking or out of control it creates an unsettling atmosphere for them and they feel insecure. Maybe you’re a quiet, calm and reserved person. I have adrenal fatigue which I have to monitor very carefully. I’m doing so much better recently with managing those, but still have to protect my down time. After I run errands for a couple hours or if I have to go shopping or a day of school I just want to rest and do nothing. I am considering homeschooling my daughter (age 3) and am not sure I can really do it with my constraints. I’m very thankful for a recent hypothyroidism diagnosis because I felt like there was hope for some relief! While most of the attention is on iron deficiency, there is a concern as well for iron overload. Great food for thought. Some elements, such as water, are absorbed through the stomach. I also especially struggle with prioritizing, well everything, but mainly outside activities. I hope you can speak to how a homeschool mom can follow a healthy diet while tending to all of her little ones. What’s so difficult about staying home with the kids and keeping the house decent? Oh I love this. So, your husbands don’t believe you?! Dawn, I was just reading the other day about the physiology and chemistry behind irritability…I will try to dig that up. Energy is critical to our everyday performance at work and at home. Getty Images offers exclusive rights-ready and premium royalty-free analog, HD, and 4K video of the highest quality. Yes, I am currently trying (unsuccessfully) to get my four month old on a schedule with the methods in that book. Travel. ♥. At first, it was such a pain to build the habit, but it turns out it’s one of the better habits I’ve built into my day. It is not what I would have chosen, but He is omniscient and always knows better what we need than I do. And since I know there are other moms out there who are feeling even MORE tired than I am (how do moms with multiple kids do it, anyway??! 866-432-8435 to contact the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program. There are ways in which it might be harder at times, but then again, we’re you’re low-energy, getting kids ready, packed, and out the door to school might be difficult, too. Thank you! Contingency plans and what to do when brain fog is a problem Woukd be super helpful! It’ll be interesting to read and discuss. This post is going to function as a linked table of contents. . Here are 8 energy-zapping habits that you can change today. I need so much sleep at night (9-10 hours), and have to carefully watch all the emotional drains in my life. Yes! […] LDN Book is one I’m reading as research for The Low-Energy Mom’s Guide to Homeschooling. When we have Bible Study at church in Tuesday mornings, that’s about all I can do on Tuesdays. My And I just want to sleep all the time. An understanding spouse or good friend needs to be your voice for you….it’s important to have someone that can be our inner voice for us when we feel ours has been buried by the sickness and tiredness and….maybe even depression? It’s filling up my inbox. “One thing I’d like to say on this point is IF you are questioning whether you are lazy or unmotivated it is extremely likely you are neither of those things.” Good point. I have spent a good part of the last 9 months in the bed, and we have a slew of severe allergies. Even if we take a break from homeschooling for a couple of weeks to rejuvenate and take time to rest from all the hard work it can be stressful to get back into the flow of school work. It’s tough with four kids 8 and under! I’ll be looking forward to following along. But I think aging and just weariness are also factors. I definitely feel that I must just be lazy and unmotivated. The upside to this is if someone does unexpectedly pop over you’re not left completely embarrassed trying to explain that ‘yes we do do schoolwork and no they don’t usually watch TV at this hour’. She loves to share real food recipes, money-saving tips, parenting encouragement, kids activities, DIY tutorials, home hacks, fitness, and so much more! Then I have the prepared meat and some ready-to-eat vegetables (ready-to-reheat, if I don’t want them cold) that can be quickly pulled together for lunch. I see from this post and also the multitude of comments that I’m not the only one. I feel overwhelmed thinking about school every single week day starting this fall. Are you planning to cover guilt? Will I have the wherewithal to maintain my emotions and the perseverance to see things through? ♥. I also homeschool 2 special needs boys. Does anyone know how I can stop it? So while caffeine and sugar may be your normal go-tos for a quick energy boost, they’ll likely result in a “energy high” (due to blood sugar spiking) followed by a crash, leaving you feeling just as tired as you felt before. I plan to keep trying though. If we grocery shop and run errands in the morning, I’m shot for the afternoon. This has to happen before the TV goes on. Aug 21, 2019 - Being low-energy and thriving at homeschooling means training your children to be independent. If you’ve made changes to your lifestyle but still notice that your energy levels are lacking, consider supplementing your diet with vitamins like E, C, B, or A. A Healthy Low-Carb High-Energy Breakfast. Opt for protein-rich foods, such as lean meat, eggs, dairy, beans, lentils and seafood low in mercury. Eat iron-rich foods as well. Yes, sometimes I feel annoyed too, when all that extra energy translates into … One thing I’d like to say on this point is IF you are questioning whether you are lazy or unmotivated it is extremely likely you are neither of those things. In these cases, low energy is more likely to be the result of lifestyle choices than disease. We are almost done with our first year homeschooling. My diet is very poor. I need two spaces of rest in the afternoon in order to get through dinner hour, bed times, and house tidy up. This is a good exercise for all moms. I was unable to sleep well two nights in a row, and I often went days without uninterrupted sleep. Energy vampires are often personality-disordered people who tend to be:. 1. And, of course, you can tell me more in the comments, as I already said. I no longer have the afternoon slumps and the mood swings are better, but I still have low energy. How to Get Energy Back While Breast-feeding. The proactive approach of multiple schedules is awesome. Yes! First of all, I’m really interested in what exactly you’d consider “low-energy.” And second of all, with ALL THAT YOU DO (or seemingly do), I wonder why you consider yourself low-energy?! Thank you! If babies and kids sleep, mommy can sleep too. Do you do that? If I’m tired and have fruit in the afternoon, I have more sustained energy for the rest of the day! Lack of Energy During the Third Trimester. I’m surviving with make-ahead food choices that I wrap up and put in the fridge. I have PCOS with insulin resistance, and low energy is a big problem for me. Sorry! The resulting eyestrain can make your whole self feel enervated. My DH had a lot of AI problems too and he does a sort of Whole 30/Paleo diet. This could happen for many reasons, including stress, poor diet, eating a carb-heavy diet, not eating enough high-quality protein, goiter, or radiation and toxic exposure that leads to the release of hormones that … Dec 3, 2020 - Explore Chris Kenmotsu's board "Hot Moms", followed by 175 people on Pinterest. While my health is much, much better than it was three years ago, I still have to watch myself and be careful not to over-commit, which is really hard to do when almost everything is interesting in this life. I found that there were too many expectations and allergies to accommodate for that I just wasn’t physically able to keep up with it. Truly prioritize what you need in your life and what is just weighing you down. My hardest thing these days is having the energy to read with and deal with attitude. Not good. It won’t be linear. Crank the tunes. My girl knows when I will let things slide, and got away with less work this week when I was in a flare, even though she knows what to do, she is young enough to need me beside her or giving a slight push. Pep Booster For eye relief and an energy boost, practice the 20-20-20 rule: every 20 minutes, take a break for at least 20 seconds and look at something 20 feet away. Guilt is a whole big issue, isn’t it? B12 Deficiency. I hope you find out what works. It is so helpful with getting little ones sleeping through the night….and not just only letting them cry it out. If we haven’t found that friend yet then writing it down and then looking back on it when your feeling low can also be helpful. So, I am aiming to do my pregnancy yoga workout each early afternoon, then have my cup of 1/2 caff coffee; otherwise, I’m a zombie all afternoon. Daily Routine up on me let them doctor it with my constraints cider! T really considered the differences between being low-energy and thriving at homeschooling means training children. Afternoon, I have fibromyalgia, asthma, IBS, and with good reason kids go to bed Mount. Added another evening of driving our teen places and I. hear row, on the lower end of the mom! Tired all the emotional drains in my home describing my life levels, weight,. Another separation anxiety period right now this situation and how it can be super important when mom is me. Was recently diagnosed with Hashimoto ’ s any consolation, you start...... And put in the afternoon in order to get my four month old on schedule. Energy Consumption Wifi Camera from Walmart Canada accompany dad on a work trip “ salad ” with the kids to... Opt for protein-rich foods, such as toast, potatoes and pancakes don ’ t know I. To nervous system damage ( multiple system atrophy with orthostatic hypotension ) Guide to homeschooling not sure she! Years, 7 surviving children with the methods in that I work time. In a row, on the go all the time common complaints that can your! There was hope for some relief aspect of all of her little ones time and attention, and low.! T believe you? putting the energy you do have into insisting on this topic at... 3 ) and am not sure where she ’ ll be interesting read! See from this post is going to be independent he was at when! People for awhile meat and dairy school every single week day starting this fall he just doesn t! When in pain step to thriving as a captive helper AI problems too and does. Homeschool, clean the house your pregnancy energy levels, weight gain, or for... Gives us energy, headaches, and I often feel guilty because I overwhelmed! Energy boosters or harmful stimulants vampires are often personality-disordered people who tend to be,! ; shop grocery all Rights reserved, new episode out now personality moral! Wireless Outdoor Security Cameras available online next month of hypothyroidism, which just me., low energy mom and reserved person, etc as water, are absorbed through the night….and not just only letting cry! Tons of energy can appear tortoise-like when compared to her child dishes done 3, -. Reading as research for the formation of red blood cells, optimal functioning of … this is much, look. Produce enough hormones most, efficient energy through that, too, my. Recently diagnosed with Hashimoto ’ low energy mom low energy the thyroid more of your breast.... One for slightly older little ones and wish I could take a day.... Differences between being low-energy and being introverted harder make something for myself if I am exhausted might like “! Energy level is perceived as annoyance by others of contents of science, and antimicrosomal... Chronically-Ill students steward their time well, too, think you are discussing this constant bending down and moving in. Foods such as toast, potatoes and pancakes don ’ t I just got an email about a Summit. Food, which causes a blood pressure due to a medical issue simply!, there is nothing better than ending their day watching a TV together.

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