repayment requirements. 1 It is a criminal offence to go about collecting contributions otherwise than as provided in the Act. SAIF does not approve of commission based fundraising. Lists of Donors/companies/ trusts, etc, go to, which has all info on donor directory service. It functions as a vehicle to bring together in one place the thinking of those responsible for the institution’s future. If you want to hold an event to raise funds, then you must make it clear to the people you invite that the money they give is in the form of a donation for that charity. It is not a PR document, although PR documents can be created from it. It is an offence to fail to comply with this obligation.18, Section 11(1) read with section 34(1)(a). Log onto – go to the “Resources & Services” Link, then to the Civil Society Tool Kits. A. Fundraising obligations It is a criminal offence, in any manner whatsoever to solicit, accept, collect or obtain (that is ‘collect’) contributions from the public unless you have written authorization from the Director of Fundraising. Although charities are generally exempt for tax they do have to be registered as a PBO, Are they registered under section 18A of the Income tax act? The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has issued a Level 4 Travel Health Notice for South Africa due to COVID-19. The organisation concerned may withdraw the special permission at any time (and must do so if required by the Director). • Prohibits the sale of exempted fundraiser foods or beverages in the food service area during the meal service.10 If the State allows schools to hold exempt fundraisers: • Fundraisers must be approved by the school; • Fundraisers cannot be held in the food service area during the meal service; and You are already a voluntary association/forum. Any proposals which are made for financial support will draw on this document without it being necessary to recreate a completely new proposal on each occasion. Is there any guideline on applicable daily or hourly rates or is this for agreement between my client and me? People then have the choice to donate or not to donate. Members of the Board should have an interest in the work and future of the organisation they serve. (Available for purchase). (However, what should be born in mind is that because an organisation has a NPO number, it only means that the organisation complies with the requirements laid down by the Department of Social Development and it is not a guarantee of the reliability of the organisation), What is their Income Tax Number? However, we do not agree with commission based fundraising because it leads to abuse. Understand you must insure your workers. You will need to do this if you want to open a back account in the name of the project, which is preferable if you are managing other people/s money. The arrangement between you and your client is a contract between both sides. What is the difference between an NPO and a Section 21 and Trust Organisation? Note - fundraising numbers are not longer relevant. CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY IN SOUTH AFRICA: HOW CORPORATE PARTNERSHIPS CAN ADVANCE THE SUSTAINABILITY AGENDA . The tax laws for NPOs are being amended and the new laws are expected to come into operation in 2001. number of mailings, telephone campaigns,events]. It is not just a list of achievements, although these will be included. Those organizations generally have a good method of checking the legality of an organisation. It is a major working tool in volunteer leadership enlistment, orientation, training – and for prospect cultivation and solicitation in selected cases. No other fundraising organisation in Southern Africa offers you the professional representation that you get when you join SAIF. Are they registered with one of the Department of Social Development, Dept of Health, Dept of Sport or Dept of Culture? RESEARCH PAPER SUBMITTED IN PARTIAL FULFILMENT OF THE REQUIREMENTS FOR THE LLM DEGREE, UNIVERSITY OF THE WESTERN CAPE . Registration as an NPO is done through the Department of Social Development, NPO Directorate, Pretoria (012 312 7500) -, See for valuable information regarding the starting up of an NPO and the difference between the various options. As we are novices at this type of fund raising, we would appreciate any advice. Regulatory requirements ect to the issuance of all . A ‘contribution’ is considered to be money, and any property, which can be converted into or exchanged for money, and which is not transferred in fulfilment of an enforceable obligation, or which gives rise to a right to claim anything other than participation in a game or competition (e.g. From personal fundraisers to acts of kindness, generosity and more. It enhances the organisation’s public image. Where can obtain information on Proposal Writing? This means that these are the countries that we can send funds to, and the person withdrawing the funds must meet the withdrawal requirements from that country. Is the charity registered as a Non Profit Organisation? In most states, business owners (particularly those with … ↩, Section 12(1) read with section 34(1)(a). Do companies who fund my organisation get a tax deduction? Where would I obtain a model of a Constitution for my Organisation? What Are the Legal Requirements for Starting a Business? You should write some simple rules governing the proceedings and then allocate responsibilities such as advertising, collecting the money and liaising with the charity. ↩, Section 7(8) read with section 34(1)(b). Louise Batty came to South Africa from Australia in 1999 and returned as a volunteer with the Department of Health. But unfortunately, when some people with good intentions try to fundraise they can forget to think about the legal issues. Direct Marketing Solutions can also advise on list acquiring. The latest and most comprehensive legislation detailing money laundering controls is the Financial Intelligence Centre Act (Fica), the focus of which is on control requirements. BackaBuddy ( is an online fundraising website which combines the power of sport and the reach of the internet in support of NGOs in South Africa. The old Fundraising Act has been repealed and under the new NPO Act (NonProfit Organisation Act), registration is voluntary. It is not just a straightforward description of the institution. Their website has detailed explanations on how to register for tax exemption and the tax deductibility of donations, No (see benefits for members & A Case for joining SAIF). The Fund-Raising Act 1978 controls the collection of funds from the public, and is administered by the Minister of Social Development. ↩, Section 31(1) read with section 34(1)(a). Where would I obtain copies of various Acts - eg. South Africa: Mining Laws and Regulations 2021. Take the telephone number of the charity and ask them how much of the money raised they are receiving. Being a registered non-profit organisation (NPO) will not only improve your chances of getting funding, it also tells communities that you care about providing quality services. Where would I obtain information on how to fundraise through bequests? Or perhaps you’re a part of an existing operation that is finally ready to reap the fundraising potential of having 501c3 Skip to content 870 Market Street, Suite 643 San Francisco, California 94102 1-415-214-8314 [email protected] Mon-Fri: 9:30am to 6:00pm Whether or not what you are doing is legal is a matter of normal legal practice. Note - the Fundraising Act of 1997 was replaced with the Non Profit Act. Benefits include discounts at branch meetings, trainings, conferences etc. Save for scam operations, they all perform a much-needed function in our increasingly financially-challenged society. There are several local and international companies available via web search that advertise and make donor databases available on subscription or purchase. In terms of the fundraising act what amount of fees if any is the fundraiser allowed to hold back as a fundraising fee. In South Africa the Non-Profit Organisations Act (NPO Act) covers non-profit organisations and the legal steps for registering them. A non-profit company is a company incorporated for one or more objects, either a public benefit or … You need to follow procedures and guidelines to ensure the fundraising you are doing is all within the law. Also visit the SANGONeT Website - "NPO Management Toolkit" and - Resources & Services / Civil Society Toolkits, Only if you are registered as exempt. Professional Development; Information and Research; Member Discounts Contact the Department of Social Development and apply for a NPO number. ↩, Section 31(3) read with section 34(1)(b). You can make whatever arrangements suit you best. We now have voluntary registration of non-profit organisations. What is their contact telephone number (not a cell number?). If a person collects contributions, and for which he is remunerated, he may not publish any advertisement or notice (for that purpose) unless it states: clearly, and in a prominent position, that the collection is for remuneration; the places at which, and the times when, his written agreement with the particular fund-raising organisation may be inspected; and. It is often possible to secure donations or grants to establish a project, which do not need to be repaid. These are thousands of charities in South Africa. What should I do? 4. ICLG - Mining Laws and Regulations - South Africa covers common issues in mining laws and regulations – including the acquisition of rights, ownership requirements and restrictions, processing, transfer and encumbrance, environmental aspects, native title and land rights – in 15 jurisdictions. Can you tell me where I can find statistics for fundraising in Southern Africa (i.e. For NPOs to be able to access all the legal and tax benefits of being a non-profit in South Africa, and in most cases to be able to access donor funding, they need to be registered with the NPO Directorate. If an inspector calls for security to be furnished by the organisation, or for it to provide records, books, accounts and documents, it is an offence to fail to comply therewith.15, Any person who hinders or obstructs the Director, or any member of his staff, or an inspector in the execution of his duties, commits a criminal offence.16, Any person who falsely represents himself to be the Director, or a member of his staff, or an inspector, commits a crime.17, Any person carrying out, or assisting in an inspection shall preserve the secrecy of all matters that may come to his knowledge in the performance of his duties. Do they own or rent the premises? Not-for-profit Law is working to improve fundraising laws for charities and not-for-profits. The administration process of a deceased estate is a complex process with many legal requirements, you ensure that you nominate someone who will be able to do what is required. However, should you want to raise funds in the name of a particular charity, then you must ask permission from them. Who is the right person to be a Member of a Board? However, experience has shown that it would be to your advantage to be registered … This is a society lottery. They have the right to protect the use of their name. It facilitates raising money for personal, group, political or non-profit causes via donations or perks. Who is allowed to sign off and submit building plans for approval in South Africa? Charity law in South Africa is broadly classed under the heading of "welfare". What is their NPO number? However, experience has shown that it would be to your advantage to be registered as a NPO (NonProfit Organisation) and have an NPO number. Fundraising Rules and Regulations Related to Deductible Charitable Contributions. It is an offence to collect contributions on behalf of, or for, one of these funds if you are not granted special written authorization to do so from the relevant board.14. It determines and monitors the organisation’s programmes and services. It is an offence to fail to do so.4, It is also an offence to fail to furnish the Director with all reports, returns and financial statements (as may be prescribed) at the prescribed times.5, If the Director of Fundraising suspects that contributions have been collected in contravention of the Act, he can order that the funds be returned, or be delivered to him, and he can require (of any person) that certain information be provided. Determine the need and then go on to the next point! Do I need to register with SAIF in order to raise funds? The Non Profit Directorate is the only source of this information - or 012 312 7500. FundRazr: This is a crowdfunding platform that was co-developed with PayPal. Do not contribute if you are not satisfied as to their authenticity. Who else gives to them? ↩, Section 30(11) read with section 34(1)(b). Refer to our Advertisers on the consultancy page for more information on available services. Click here for PDF format of the Act. The author, Jill Ritchie, a doyenne of fundraising, shares three decades of experience in this, her 27th book. Upon termination of operations in South Africa, they must transfer the assets of the South Africa branch to a local PBO, organ of state, or designated institution if more than 15 percent of the branch's receipts and accruals (earned during the three years preceding the termination) were derived from a source within the Republic (Income Tax Act Section 30(3)(b)(iiiA)). These funds all have boards, appointed in terms of the Act, and one of their functions is to collect contributions. solicitation campaign, fundraising event, or service under this contract shall occur on _____. The Lotteries Act requires that NPOs that wish to run a lottery must be registered in terms of the NPO Act. ↩, Colleges for Further Education and Training, Protection of Personal Information (POPI), Protection of Invested Funds and Trust Property, Compensation for Injuries, Disease or Death, Equal Opportunities and Affirmative Action, National Building Regulations and Standards, The Liquor Trade in Limpopo and North West, Electronic Communications and Transactions, Procurement of Supplies and Information in the National Interest, The Laws Governing the Auditing Profession, Registration, Shareholding and Undesirable Practices in Banks, Controls and Protection for Collective Investment Schemes, FICA: Requirements for Reporting and Accountability, The Laws to Ensure Efficient and Effective Collection of Tax | Tax Evasion, Laws to Regulate NPOs and the Collecting of Funding, Laws about Caregivers, Residential Facilities and Abuse of Older Persons, Criminal Prohibitions to Protect the SARS Name, Regulating Social Work and the Social Service Profession. * Issue invites to delegates for all events and meetings arranged by the company (e.g.

legal requirements for fundraising in south africa

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