(8 x 8) Zoom level 4 is 256 tiles (16 x 16) The x and y counts are doubled for each zoom level. Each zoom level doubles in both dimensions, so a single tile is replaced by 4 tiles when zooming in. First calculate the southWest/northeast-points of the tile. When sharing a tile package or hosted tile layer from ArcMap to ArcGIS Online using the 'ArcGIS Online / Bing Maps / Google Maps' tiling scheme, the parameters for the level of detail can only be defined down to level 19. (4 x 4) Zoom level 3 is 64 tiles. Note that for maps consisting of one tile at zoom 0, the world size and base tile size … (2 x 2) Zoom level 2 is 16 tiles. Google Maps was built on a 256x256 pixel tile system where zoom level 0 was a 256x256 pixel image of the whole earth. This setting indicates that tiles are only created in the package and/or service down to level 19. (1 x 1) Zoom level 1 is 4 tiles. Tiles à la Google Maps Coordinates, Tile Bounds and Projection. All tiles have the same size, usually 256x256 pixels. but for Google Maps. ... Zoom level Resolution (meters / pixel) Map Scale (at 96 dpi) Width and Height of map (pixels) 0: 156,543.0339: Resolution and Scale. The Azure Maps SDK's use tiles that have a size of 512 x 512 pixels for road maps, and smaller 256 x 256 pixels for satellite imagery. At zoom level 0, the entire world fits on a single tile: Zoom level 1 uses four tiles to render the world: a 2 x 2 square Assuming a basic google-map using mercator-projection and a tileSize of 256x256: The number of tiles on each(x-axis and y-axis) is Math.pow(2,zoom), so on zoom 0 the map is using 1 tile, on zoom 1 4 tiles, on zoom 2 16 tiles and so on. At every incremental zoom level the map doubles in size in each direction — each tile … Sizes must be rectangular though they need not be square. Most tiled web maps follow certain Google Maps conventions: Tiles are 256x256 pixels; At the outer most zoom level, 0, the entire world can be rendered in a single map tile. the size of a tile (in points) is 256/Math.pow(2,zoom) Zoom levels. At the most zoomed out (level 0) the entire map is represented by a single 256 by 256 pixel square tile. Similarly, zoom out by halving x and y (in the previous zoom level) . Maps Raster has 23 zoom levels, numbered 0 through 22. Zoom level 0 is the most zoomed out zoom level available and each integer step in zoom level halves the X and Y extents of the view and doubles the linear resolution. Exact length of the equator (according to Wikipedia) is 40075.016686 km in WGS-84.At zoom 0, one pixel would equal 156543.03 meters (assuming a tile size of 256 px): The "world size" of a map using the base tile set at zoom level 0. tileSize (required) specifies the size of the tile (of type google.maps.Size). Azure Maps provides raster and vector tiles for 23 zoom levels, numbered 0 through 22. At zoom level 0, the entire world fits on a single tile: Zoom level 1 uses 4 tiles to render the world: a 2 x 2 square. Per 88ad's comment, the formula for the number of tiles is (2^zoom x 2^zoom). Tile-level metadata (mandatory time-stamping [flight capture date]) Creation date and person; Modification date and person; Attribution; Image size in pixels; Raw size/uploaded size; Resolution/max zoom level according to Google's zoom levels; Bounds; Processing type (masking) Zoom level 0 is 1 tile. Maps Vector has 23 zoom levels, numbered 0 through 22. There is one tile on the top of the pyramid, than 4 tiles, 16 tiles, etc. The world is divided into square tiles. Each tile is 256 pixels by 256 pixels. I also think it would be possible to calculate using this equation for whole earth: sigma(i^4) which i goes from 1 to 19 (zoom level) but it calculates for the whole world and gives tile numbers, I can later multiply it into average tile size (I have no idea about this value too).

google maps zoom level tile size

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