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Panahi, A; Bandara, A; Pantelopulos, G A; Dominguez, L; Straub, J E

Specific Binding of Cholesterol to C99 Domain of Amyloid Precursor Protein Depends Critically on Charge State of Protein Journal Article

Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters, 7 (18), pp. 3535-3541, 2016, (cited By 5).

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del Morán-García, Carmen A; Rivera-Toledo, E; Echeverría, O; Vázquez-Nin, G; Gómez, B; Bustos-Jaimes, I

Peptide presentation on primate erythroparvovirus 1 virus-like particles: In vitro assembly, stability and immunological properties Journal Article

Virus Research, 224 , pp. 12-18, 2016, (cited By 1).

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Dominguez, L; Foster, L; Straub, J E; Thirumalai, D

Impact of membrane lipid composition on the structure and stability of the transmembrane domain of amyloid precursor protein Journal Article

Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, 113 (36), pp. E5281-E5287, 2016, (cited By 10).

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Hernández-Paredes, J; Carrillo-Torres, R C; López-Zavala, A A; Sotelo-Mundo, R R; Hernández-Negrete, O; Ramírez, J Z; Alvarez-Ramos, M E

Molecular structure, hydrogen-bonding patterns and topological analysis (QTAIM and NCI) of 5-methoxy-2-nitroaniline and 5-methoxy-2-nitroaniline with 2-amino-5-nitropyridine (1:1) co-crystal Journal Article

Journal of Molecular Structure, 1119 , pp. 505-516, 2016, (cited By 3).

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Mares-Mejiá, I; Martínez-Caballero, S; Garay-Canales, C; Cano-Sánchez, P; Torres-Larios, A; Lara-González, S; Ortega, E; Rodríguez-Romero, A

Structural insights into the IgE mediated responses induced by the allergens Hev b 8 and Zea m 12 in their dimeric forms Journal Article

Scientific Reports, 6 , 2016, (cited By 6).

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Ireta, J

Polyalanine α-helix microsolvation: assessing the energy of the peptide desolvation penalty with density functional theory Journal Article

Theoretical Chemistry Accounts, 135 (9), 2016, (cited By 1).

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Ayala, M; Segovia, L; Torres, E

Halogenases: A biotechnological alternative for the synthesis of halogenated pharmaceuticals Journal Article

Mini-Reviews in Medicinal Chemistry, 16 (14), pp. 1100-1111, 2016, (cited By 1).

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Rodríguez, E E; Arcos-López, T; Trujano-Ortiz, L G; Fernández, C O; González, F J; Vela, A; Quintanar, L

Role of N-terminal methionine residues in the redox activity of copper bound to alpha-synuclein Journal Article

Journal of Biological Inorganic Chemistry, 21 (5-6), pp. 691-702, 2016, (cited By 4).

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Hahn-Herrera, O; Salcedo, G; Barril, X; García-Hernández, E

Inherent conformational flexibility of F<inf>1</inf>-ATPase α-subunit Journal Article

Biochimica et Biophysica Acta - Bioenergetics, 1857 (9), pp. 1392-1402, 2016, (cited By 2).

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Valencia-Gómez, L E; Martel-Estrada, S A; Vargas-Requena, C L; Rodriguez-González, C A; Olivas-Armendariz, I

Natural polymers aposites for skin regeneration [Apósitos de polímeros naturales para regeneración de piel] Journal Article

Revista Mexicana de Ingenieria Biomedica, 37 (3), 2016, (cited By 0).

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Lagarda-Diaz, I; Guzman-Partida, A M; Huerta-Ocampo, J A; Winzerling, J; Vazquez-Moreno, L

Identification of membrane proteins of the midgut of Zabrotes subfasciatus larvae associated with the insecticidal mechanism of PF2 lectin Journal Article

Journal of Asia-Pacific Entomology, 19 (3), pp. 677-682, 2016, (cited By 2).

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Lozano-Espinosa, M; Guevara-García, A; Galván, M

Sensing the active site properties of enzymes as a function of the size of an effective peptidic environment using DFT reactivity parameters Journal Article

Theoretical Chemistry Accounts, 135 (9), 2016, (cited By 0).

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Cabrera, R; Rodríguez-Romero, A; Guarneros, G; de la Torre, M

New insights into the interaction between the quorum-sensing receptor NprR and its DNA target, or the response regulator Spo0F Journal Article

FEBS Letters, 590 (18), pp. 3243-3253, 2016, (cited By 1).

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González-Avila, G; Bazan-Perkins, B; Sandoval, C; Sommer, B; Vadillo-Gonzalez, S; Ramos, C; Aquino-Galvez, A

Interstitial collagen turnover during airway remodeling in acute and chronic experimental asthma Journal Article

Experimental and Therapeutic Medicine, 12 (3), pp. 1419-1427, 2016, (cited By 2).

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Rodríguez-Rodríguez, E R; Olamendi-Portugal, T; Serrano-Posada, H; Arredondo-López, J N; Gómez-Ramírez, I; Fernández-Taboada, G; Possani, L D; Anguiano-Vega, G A; Riaño-Umbarila, L; Becerril, B

Broadening the neutralizing capacity of a family of antibody fragments against different toxins from Mexican scorpions Journal Article

Toxicon, 119 , pp. 52-63, 2016, (cited By 6).

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García-Sánchez, M A; Serratos, I N; Sosa, R; Rojas-González, F; Tello-Solís, S R; Tapia-Esquivel, T; González-García, F; Esparza-Schulz, J M; Huerta-Figueroa, D E

Fluorescence and Textural Characterization of Ortho-Amine Tetraphenylporphyrin Covalently Bonded to Organo–Modified Silica Xerogels Journal Article

Journal of Fluorescence, 26 (5), pp. 1601-1616, 2016, (cited By 0).

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Antillón, A; Vries, De A H; Espinosa-Caballero, M; Falcón-González, J M; Romero, Flores D; González-Damián, J; Jiménez-Montejo, F E; León-Buitimea, A; López-Ortiz, M; Magaña, R; Marrink, S J; Morales-Nava, R; Periole, X; Reyes-Esparza, J; Lozada, Rodríguez J; Santiago-Angelino, T M; González, Vargas M C; Regla, I; Carrillo-Tripp, M; Fernández-Zertuche, M; Rodríguez-Fragoso, L; Ortega-Blake, I

An Amphotericin B derivative equally potent to Amphotericin B and with increased safety Journal Article

PLoS ONE, 11 (9), 2016, (cited By 3).

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Waters, J T; Lu, X -J; Galindo-Murillo, R; Gumbart, J C; Kim, H D; Cheatham, T E; Harvey, S C

Transitions of Double-Stranded DNA between the A- and B-Forms Journal Article

Journal of Physical Chemistry B, 120 (33), pp. 8449-8456, 2016, (cited By 7).

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Galindo-Murillo, R; Robertson, J C; Zgarbová, M; Šponer, J; Otyepka, M; Jurečka, P; Cheatham, T E

Assessing the Current State of Amber Force Field Modifications for DNA Journal Article

Journal of Chemical Theory and Computation, 12 (8), pp. 4114-4127, 2016, (cited By 41).

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García-Guevara, F; Bravo, I; Martínez-Anaya, C; Segovia, L

Cofactor specificity switch in Shikimate dehydrogenase by rational design and consensus engineering Journal Article

Protein Engineering, Design and Selection, 30 (8), pp. 533-541, 2016, (cited By 1).

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Pérez-Acosta, J A; Burgos-Hernandez, A; Velázquez-Contreras, C A; Márquez-Ríos, E; Torres-Arreola, W; Arvizu-Flores, A A; Ezquerra-Brauer, J M

An in vitro study of alkaline phosphatase sensitivity to mixture of aflatoxin B<inf>1</inf>and fumonisin B<inf>1</inf>in the hepatopancreas of coastal lagoon wild and farmed shrimp Litopenaeus vannamei Journal Article

Mycotoxin Research, 32 (3), pp. 117-125, 2016, (cited By 3).

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Alba-Fierro, C A; Pérez-Torres, A; Toriello, C; Romo-Lozano, Y; López-Romero, E; Ruiz-Baca, E

Molecular Components of the Sporothrix schenckii Complex that Induce Immune Response Journal Article

Current Microbiology, 73 (2), pp. 292-300, 2016, (cited By 2).

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Guerra, Y; Valiente, P A; Pons, T; Berry, C; Rudiño-Piñera, E

Structures of a bi-functional Kunitz-type STI family inhibitor of serine and aspartic proteases: Could the aspartic protease inhibition have evolved from a canonical serine protease-binding loop? Journal Article

Journal of Structural Biology, 195 (2), pp. 259-271, 2016, (cited By 1).

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Cerecedo, D; Martínez-Vieyra, I; Sosa-Peinado, A; Cornejo-Garrido, J; Ordaz-Pichardo, C; Benítez-Cardoza, C

Alterations in plasma membrane promote overexpression and increase of sodium influx through epithelial sodium channel in hypertensive platelets Journal Article

Biochimica et Biophysica Acta - Biomembranes, 1858 (8), pp. 1891-1903, 2016, (cited By 1).

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Ospina-Orejarena, A; Vera-Graziano, R; Castillo-Ortega, M M; Hinestroza, J P; Rodriguez-Gonzalez, M; Palomares-Aguilera, L; Morales-Moctezuma, M; Maciel-Cerda, A

Grafting collagen on poly (lactic acid) by a simple route to produce electrospun scaffolds, and their cell adhesion evaluation Journal Article

Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine, 13 (4), pp. 375-387, 2016, (cited By 2).

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Cota-Ruiz, K; Leyva-Carrillo, L; Peregrino-Uriarte, A B; Valenzuela-Soto, E M; Gollas-Galván, T; Gómez-Jiménez, S; Hernández, J; Yepiz-Plascencia, G

Role of HIF-1 on phosphofructokinase and fructose 1, 6-bisphosphatase expression during hypoxia in the white shrimp Litopenaeus vannamei Journal Article

Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology -Part A : Molecular and Integrative Physiology, 198 , pp. 1-7, 2016, (cited By 5).

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López-Martínez, L M; Pitarch-Jarque, J; Martínez-Camarena, A; García-España, E; Tejero, R; Santacruz-Ortega, H; Navarro, R -E; Sotelo-Mundo, R R; Leyva-Peralta, M A; Doménech-Carbó, A; Verdejo, B

Synthesis, Characterization, and Cu2+Coordination Studies of a 3-Hydroxy-4-pyridinone Aza Scorpiand Derivative Journal Article

Inorganic Chemistry, 55 (15), pp. 7564-7575, 2016, (cited By 0).

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Pacheco, J; Dominguez, L; Bohorquez-Hernandez, A; Asanov, A; Vaca, L

A cholesterol-binding domain in STIM1 modulates STIM1-Orai1 physical and functional interactions Journal Article

Scientific Reports, 6 , 2016, (cited By 7).

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Heidari, Z; Roe, D R; Galindo-Murillo, R; Ghasemi, J B; Cheatham, T E

Using Wavelet Analysis to Assist in Identification of Significant Events in Molecular Dynamics Simulations Journal Article

Journal of Chemical Information and Modeling, 56 (7), pp. 1282-1291, 2016, (cited By 0).

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Morales-Camacho, J I; Paredes-López, O; Espinosa-Hernández, E; Velasco, Fernández D A; Luna-Suárez, S

Expression, purification and thermal stability evaluation of an engineered amaranth protein expressed in Escherichia coli Journal Article

Electronic Journal of Biotechnology, 22 , pp. 44-51, 2016, (cited By 0).

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Bojórquez-Velázquez, E; Lino-López, G J; Huerta-Ocampo, J A; Barrera-Pacheco, A; Rosa, Barba De La A P; Moreno, A; Mancilla-Margalli, N A; Osuna-Castro, J A

Purification and biochemical characterization of 11S globulin from chan (Hyptis suaveolens L. Poit) seeds Journal Article

Food Chemistry, 192 , pp. 203-211, 2016, (cited By 1).

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Sandoval-Carrillo, A; Méndez-Hernández, E M; Antuna-Salcido, E I; Salas-Pacheco, S M; Vázquez-Alaniz, F; Téllez-Valencia, A; Aguilar-Durán, M; Barraza-Salas, M; Castellanos-Juárez, F X; Llave-León, La O; Salas-Pacheco, J M

Arsenic exposure and risk of preeclampsia in a Mexican mestizo population Journal Article

BMC Pregnancy and Childbirth, 16 (1), 2016, (cited By 2).

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Valencia-Sánchez, M I; Rodríguez-Hernández, A; Ferreira, R; Santamaría-Suárez, H A; Arciniega, M; Dock-Bregeon, A -C; Moras, D; Beinsteiner, B; Mertens, H; Svergun, D; Brieba, L G; Grøtli, M; Torres-Larios, A

Structural insights into the polyphyletic origins of glycyl tRNA synthetases Journal Article

Journal of Biological Chemistry, 291 (28), pp. 14430-14446, 2016, (cited By 2).

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Hernandez-Pascacio, J; Piñeiro, A; Ruso, J M; Hassan, N; Campbell, R A; Campos-Terán, J; Costas, M

Complex Behavior of Aqueous α-Cyclodextrin Solutions. Interfacial Morphologies Resulting from Bulk Aggregation Journal Article

Langmuir, 32 (26), pp. 6682-6690, 2016, (cited By 6).

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Riano-Umbarila, Lidia; Ledeznna-Candanoza, Luis M; Serrano-Posada, Hugo; Fernandez-Taboada, Guillermo; Olamendi-Portugal, Timoteo; Rojas-Trejo, Sonia; Gomez-Ramirez, Ilse V; Rudino-Pinera, Enrique; Possani, Lourival D; Becerril, Baltazar

Optimal Neutralization of Centruroides noxius Venom Is Understood through a Structural Complex between Two Antibody Fragments and the Cn2 Toxin Journal Article

JOURNAL OF BIOLOGICAL CHEMISTRY, 291 (4), pp. 1619-1630, 2016, ISSN: 0021-9258.

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Flores-Solis, D; Toledano, Y; Rodríguez-Lima, O; Cano-Sánchez, P; Ramírez-Cordero, B E; Landa, A; de la Vega, Rodríguez R C; del Rio-Portilla, F

Solution structure and antiparasitic activity of scorpine-like peptides from Hoffmannihadrurus gertschi Journal Article

FEBS Letters, pp. 2286-2296, 2016, (cited By 2).

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Reynoso-Cereceda, Greta I; Garcia-Cabrera, Ramses I; Valdez-Cruz, Norma A; Trujillo-Roldan, Mauricio A

Shaken flasks by resonant acoustic mixing versus orbital mixing: Mass transfer coefficient k(L)a characterization and Escherichia coli cultures comparison Journal Article

BIOCHEMICAL ENGINEERING JOURNAL, 105 (B), pp. 379-390, 2016, ISSN: 1369-703X.

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Demesa-Balderrama, G; Meneses, E P; Hernández-Orihuela, L; Pando-Robles, V; Rodriguez, M C; Barrientos-Salcedo, C; Aguilar, M B; Batista, C V F

A comprehensive proteomic study of the skin secretions of the frog lithobates spectabilis Journal Article

Protein and Peptide Letters, 23 (7), pp. 597-611, 2016, (cited By 1).

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Gama-Castro, Socorro; Salgado, Heladia; Santos-Zavaleta, Alberto; Ledezma-Tejeida, Daniela; Muniz-Rascado, Luis; Garcia-Sotelo, Jair Santiago; Alquicira-Hernandez, Kevin; Martinez-Flores, Irma; Pannier, Lucia; Castro-Mondragon, Jaime Abraham; Medina-Rivera, Alejandra; Solano-Lira, Hilda; Bonavides-Martinez, Cesar; Perez-Rueda, Ernesto; Alquicira-Hernandez, Shirley; Porron-Sotelo, Liliana; Lopez-Fuentes, Alejandra; Hernandez-Koutoucheva, Anastasia; Moral-Chavez, Victor Del; Rinaldi, Fabio; Collado-Vides, Julio

RegulonDB version 9.0: high-level integration of gene regulation, coexpression, motif clustering and beyond Journal Article

NUCLEIC ACIDS RESEARCH, 44 (D1), pp. D133-D143, 2016, ISSN: 0305-1048.

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Ávila-Fernández, Á; Cuevas-Juárez, E; Rodríguez-Alegría, M E; Olvera, C; López-Munguía, A

Functional characterization of a novel β-fructofuranosidase from Bifidobacterium longum subsp. infantis ATCC 15697 on structurally diverse fructans Journal Article

Journal of Applied Microbiology, 121 (1), pp. 263-276, 2016, (cited By 3).

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Marquez-Rios, Enrique; Pacheco-Aguilar, Ramon; Ramirez-Suarez, Juan Carlos; Ocano-Higuera, Victor M; Garcia-Sifuentes, Celia O; Scheuren-Acevedo, Susana M; Mazorra-Manzano, Miguel A

Postmortem Biochemical and Microbiological Changes in Loricariid Catfish (Pterygoplichthys disjunctivus) Muscle During Ice Storage Journal Article

JOURNAL OF AQUATIC FOOD PRODUCT TECHNOLOGY, 25 (1), pp. 105-113, 2016, ISSN: 1049-8850.

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Cruz-Correa, O F; Ramírez-Hobak, L; Arenas, R; Soberón, X

Metagenomics in onychomycosis. Analysis of a case with a possible role of malassezia globosa in the pathogenesis [Metagenómica en onicomicosis. El análisis de un caso que revela el posible papel de Malassezia globosa en la pathogeńnesis] Journal Article

Dermatologia Cosmetica, Medica y Quirurgica, 14 (3), pp. 245-248, 2016, (cited By 0).

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Zarazua, Abraham; Gonzalez-Arenas, Aliesha; Ramirez-Velez, Gabriela; Bazan-Perkins, Blanca; Guerra-Araiza, Christian; Campos-Lara, Maria G

Sexual Dimorphism in the Regulation of Estrogen, Progesterone, and Androgen Receptors by Sex Steroids in the Rat Airway Smooth Muscle Cells Journal Article


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Rosas-Valdéz, M E; Escalante, J; Bustos-Jaimes, I; Regla, I; Boto, A

Synthesis and modification of the Amyloid peptide sequence 37-42 of Aβ42 (AβPP): Efficient synthesis of N-methylated peptides, expanding the toolsfor peptide research Journal Article

Journal of the Mexican Chemical Society, 60 (3), pp. 125-134, 2016, (cited By 0).

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Gonzalez-Andrade, Martin; Rodriguez-Sotres, Rogelio; Madariaga-Mazon, Abraham; Rivera-Chavez, Jose; Mata, Rachel; Sosa-Peinado, Alejandro; del Pozo-Yauner, Luis; Arias-Olguin, Imilla I

Insights into molecular interactions between CaM and its inhibitors from molecular dynamics simulations and experimental data Journal Article

JOURNAL OF BIOMOLECULAR STRUCTURE & DYNAMICS, 34 (1), pp. 78-91, 2016, ISSN: 0739-1102.

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Herrera-Martínez, M; Hernández-Ramírez, V I; Hernández-Carlos, B; Chávez-Munguía, B; Calderón-Oropeza, M A; Talamás-Rohana, P

Antiamoebic activity of Adenophyllum aurantium (L.) strother and its effect on the actin cytoskeleton of Entamoeba histolytica Journal Article

Frontiers in Pharmacology, 7 (JUN), 2016, (cited By 2).

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Flores-Huerta, A G; Tkatchenko, A; Galván, M

Nature of Hydrogen Bonds and S⋯S Interactions in the L-Cystine Crystal Journal Article

Journal of Physical Chemistry A, 120 (24), pp. 4223-4230, 2016, (cited By 5).

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González-Mondragón, E; Torralba-González, A; García-Gutiérrez, P; Robles-González, V S; Salazar-Govea, A Y; Zubillaga, R A

Thermodynamic analysis of ferulate complexation with α-, β- And γ-cyclodextrins Journal Article

Thermochimica Acta, 634 , pp. 1-5, 2016, (cited By 2).

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Puri, M; Company, A; Sabenya, G; Costas, M; Que, L

Oxygen atom exchange between H<inf>2</inf>O and non-heme oxoiron(IV) complexes: Ligand dependence and mechanism Journal Article

Inorganic Chemistry, 55 (12), pp. 5818-5827, 2016, (cited By 13).

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Ramirez-Valles, E G; Gutierrez-Martinez, V D; Cervantes-Flores, M; Ruiz-Baca, E; Alvarado-Esquivel, C

IL-2 expression and T lymphocyte phenotyping in young children suffering from upper respiratory tract infection with Streptococcus pyogenes Journal Article

International Journal of Biomedical Science, 12 (2), pp. 53-57, 2016, (cited By 0).

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