VI Latin American Protein Society Meeting (English)


VII Congreso de Fisicoquímica, Estructura y Diseño de Proteínas


Deadline extended to August 10.

The Mexican Society of Biochemistry (SMB) and Protein Structure, Function and Evolution Network are honored to host the VI Latin American Protein Society Meeting (LAPSM), which will be held in conjunction with the “VII Congreso de la Rama de Fisicoquímica, Estructura y Diseño de Proteínas de la SMB.” The event will take place in Mexico City from October 20 to 23, 2019. As in previous editions, there is an academic program of very high quality, which covers the different fields of the study of proteins with the contribution of prestigious researchers.

We hope to have the enthusiastic participation of the students, postdocs and researchers that make up our community, so that the congress will be as successful as in previous occasions.

Organizing committee: Claudia Avitia, Luis Brieba, Alejandro Fernández, Georgina Garza Ramos , Edgar Morales, Mariana Peimbert, Alfredo Téllez.


  • Ada E Yonath Weizmann Institute of Science. Israel. Nobel Prize in Chemestry 2009.
  • Alejandra Covarrubias Instituto de Biotecnología, UNAM. México.
  • Alejandro Vila Instituto de Biología Molecular y Celular de Rosario. Argentina.
  • Alfonso Mondragón Northwestern University, USA.
  • Alfredo Torres Larios Instituto de Fisiología Celular, UNAM. México.
  • Andre Ambrosio Sao Carlos Physics Institute, University of Sao Paulo. Brazil.
  • Carlos Bustamante University of California, Berkeley. USA.
  • Charles L. Brooks III University of Michigan, USA. President of the Protein Society.
  • Felipe Trajtenberg Instituto Pasteur. Uruguay.
  • Gerardo Ferrer Universidad de la República. Montevideo. Uruguay.
  • Liliana Quintanar Departamento de Química, Cinvestav. México.
  • Octavio Monasterio Universidad de Chile. Santiago. Chile.
  • Pilar Cossio Max Plank Institute of Biophysics. Alemania / Universidad de Antioquia. Colombia.
  • Rafael Vázquez Duhalt Centro de Nanociencias y Nanotecnología, UNAM. México.
  • Renko de Vries Wageningen University. Holanda.
  • Tamara Rosenbaum Instituto de Fisiología Celular, UNAM. México.
  • Daniel A. Silva University of Washington.



Sunday,  October 20
Fiesta Inn, Periférico Sur

15:00-17:00 Registration
16:00   Opening
16:30   Ada Yonath
Next generation eco-friendly antibiotics, and thoughts about origin of life
17:30   Alfredo Torres Larios
Thoughts on the evolution of an ancestral protein
18:30   Synchrotron in Mexico
18:50   Wellcome cocktail

Monday, October 21
Auditorio Alfonso Caso, UNAM
9:00 Mini-oral presentations (odd numbers)
10:10 Carlos Bustamante
Co-translational Protein Folding One Molecule at a Time
11:10 Cofee
11:30 Poster session (odd numbers)
14:00 Lunch
16:00 Alejandro Vila
Biogenesis of copper sites in heme-copper oxidases: A theme with variations
16:30 Tamara Rosenbaum
TRPV1: a flexible ion channel
17:00 Andre L. B. Ambrosio
The dynamic control of Glutaminase C supramolecular organization with implications on tumor metabolism
17:30 Sponsor talk: Thermo
18:00 Pilar Cossio
Bayesian analysis of electronic microscopy images

Tuesday, October 22
Auditorio Alfonso Caso, UNAM
09:00 Mini-oral presentations (even numbers)
10:10 Alejandra A. Covarrubias
The function of intrinsically disordered proteins in the plant response to water deficit
11:10 Cofee
11:30 Poster sesion (even numbers)
14:00 Lunch
16:00 Rafael Vázquez-Duhalt
Virus-based nanocarriers, nanomotors and other nano-things
16:30 Ernesto A. Roman
Constant-pH molecular dynamics using a coarse-grained forcefield
17:00 Felipe Trajtenberg
Stochasticity encoder: hidden information in the phosphoryl-transfer dynamics of bacterial signaling pathways
17:30 Sponsor talk: GE/Hiros
18:00 Charles, L. Brooks III
Exploring Protein-Protein Interactions in Transcriptional Activation

Wednesday, October 23
Auditorio Alfonso Caso, UNAM
09:00 Oral presentations
10:10 Alfonso Mondragón
Novel DNA/Gyrase intermediates observed by CryoEM
11:10 Cofee
11:30 Oral presentations
13:00 Renko de Vries
Sequence Motifs of Structural Polypeptides as Bricks for Building Functional Nanomaterials
14:00 Lunch
16:00 Gerardo Ferrer-Sueta
Glutaredoxin 1 and the transition of trypanosomes from glutathione to trypanothione
16:30 Daniel-Adriano Silva
Computational Design of Robust de novo Functional Proteins
17:00 Liliana Quintanar
Copper ions and protein aggregation: From amyloids in diabetes to non-amyloids in cataracts disease
17:30 Octavio Monasterio
New potential antibiotics for bacterial division: FtsZ as a target of diaryl naphtyl ketones showed FtsZ polymerization and bacterial growth inhibition by a novel mechanism
18:30 Closing


Student scholarships will be granted for lodging, breakfast and registration. To apply for a scholarship, it is necessary to register in the category “Mini-presentation and poster”. The scholarship application must be made at the same time as the registration, which must include a summary of the presentation (less than 250 words) and a brief motivation letter (100 to 300 words).

The deadline for the scholarship application is June 29. The results of the scholarships will be announced by email on July 22.


The deadline to register for oral, mini-presentation and poster participation is July 31.

Deadline extended to August 10.

The registration fee for researchers will be $ 3,500 MXN, it is important to mention that this payment will allow student accommodation scholarships. Therefore, we ask you to register as soon as possible.


Registration before June 29

$ 1000 MXN (50 USD) students
$ 3500 MXN (175 USD) general

Registration as of June 30

$ 1500 MXN (75 USD) students
$ 4500 MXN (225 USD) general

The payment must be made to the following bank account:
Name: Mexican Society of Biochemistry A. C.
Bank: BBVA Bancomer
Account: 0110502111
Branch: 368 Miguel Ángel de Quevedo
CLABE: 012180001105021118

For Paypal payment 5% commission must be added and send the payment to stating that the payment is for registration to the LAPSM.

Once the payment has been made, send the deposit form by email to: The name of the registered person, as well as the complete invoice data most be indicated in the email.


• Guest speaker

• Oral presentation

• Mini-presentation and poster

• Poster only

• Co-author

• Assistant

The oral presentations will be organized in symposiums and will last 15 minutes. The number of oral presentations is limited.

The mini-presentation is a 3 minutes presentation to invite all participants to attend the poster. In these presentations there will be no questions.

Those who wish to participate only with poster must register in this category. The size of the poster should be 90 cm wide and 120 cm long.


The submission deadline is July 31.

The abstract must be written in English, with a maximum length of 250 words. Do not use symbols, equations, or figures.




June 29 Registration with discount
June 29 Scholarship applications
July 22 Response to scholarship applications
July 31 Submission deadline
October 20-23 VI LAPSM and VII Protein Congress


The Hotel Fiesta Inn, Periférico Sur , will give a preferential price to those attending the congress of $ 1547 MXN (with taxes) per night per double or single room, upon availability. Code G1DFVM @ SUR

The One Hotel, Periferico Sur , will give you a preferential price of $ 1309 (with taxes) per night for double or single room, breakfast included, upon availability. Code G1DJLU @ OGS




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